Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on Women, Guns, and Self-Defense

Since the Kirsten Gillibrand-Carolyn McCarthy potential Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate revolves around Gillibrand's pro-gun record and McCarthy's fanatical support of gun control, and since both are women, a still closer examination of the phenomenon of women and guns is appropriate. I continue to worry about Gillibrand caving in on the issue, especially when she visited a New York City school (mourning the gun-related death of a student) with a bunch of anti-gunners, but right now her record remains solid.

Traditionally in American culture, guns have been the province of men. So it is fascinating that this high powered battle over the gun issue involves two accomplished and powerful women. Which brings me back to some more detail on the infamous and ludicrous "Million Mom March."

John O’Sullivan, the British-born editor of the conservative National Review magazine in the early 1990’s, put forward a doctrine which he christened “O’Sullivan’s Law.” The tenet of “O’Sullivan’s Law” was that any foundation — any organization funded through grants which ostensibly functioned as part-activist, part-think tank — which was not overtly right-wing, would inevitably become left-wing.

O’Sullivan’s point was that even foundations that were not originally conceived as left-wing, but rather were neutral in ideological impetus, would by natural inertia become left-wing because liberal activists are naturally drawn to that which spends other people’s money. Furthermore, O’Sullivan asserted, as long as a foundation did not espouse a specific right-wing cause, that given organization was more easily co-opted by liberals. Therefore, an ideologically benign foundation designed simply to “promote literacy” or further “cultural awareness” would eventually fall into the hands of the left. “O’Sullivan’s Law” has proven to be true in much more than foundations.

The “Million Mom March,” which burst onto the national scene in 2000, purports to be a grassroots galvanization of “concerned mothers” across America who marched on Washington, D.C. on Mother’s Day in response to the media-hyped school shootings in the past year. It is politically treacherous grounds to be seen to be criticizing “mom and apple pie,” especially when the cause they’re marching for seems so sensible and agreeable. But the name itself, derived from Louis Farrakhan’s “Million Man March,” is an indicator of the politics of this laughable display of hysterical left-wing activism. At least Farrakhan was honest about his intentions.

The “Million Mom March” cloaks its zaniness in some soft language, but the hard left component of its core is ever so slightly beneath the surface. As “O’Sullivan’s Law” points out, the “Million Mom March,” even if it was not originally conceived by the left — and there is ample enough evidence that it was — has fallen into its decrepit hands.

Organizers of the March state that its purpose is “dedicated to the mission of educating our children and our country about the life-threatening danger of guns.” How original. Until now, no one knew that guns were potentially life-threatening. So do the mothers want better safety training and responsible instruction for children? Not on your life. What do they want? More gun control, of course. Now that’s really original.

The agenda of the “Million Mom March” reads like a laundry list of some of the nuttiest and irresponsible ideas — pulled out of the microwave — that have come down the Washington Beltway. These tired demands have already so miserably failed everywhere they’ve been tried that it’s remarkable that the March has gotten the attention it has. But that is probably why it has gotten the attention. Liberals never recognize their own failures.

The Marchers want to trash the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Let’s stop these killings by cracking down on the law-abiding citizens!

Nowhere do the mothers demand the death penalty, an end to parole, a limit to procedural extensions of criminals’ rights, armed guards in schools, rights of principals to expel hoodlum students or any serious anti-crime measure. Only gun control.

They want “cooling off periods and extensive background checks” for gun purchasers. (Never mind that all the perpetrators in these school shootings were or would have been totally unaffected by such nonsensical laws.) They also want “licensing and registration” of all handguns. (Here comes confiscation.) And “safety locks” for all handguns. (The new pet panacea of hysterical gun controllers.) They also want “no-nonsense enforcement of existing gun laws.” (In
other words, keep trying to enforce the 20,000-plus gun control laws that still haven’t stopped crime. Presumably this demand is intended to counter “nonsense enforcement of existing gun laws.”) The Marchers round out their demands with the tried-and-true “one handgun per month” limit on purchases which hardened criminals are sure to obey.

And just who endorsed the “Million Mom March”? The list is a virtual “Who’s Who” of every freakhouse liberal organization in America. The NAACP; the National Organization for Women (New York); Bilingual Foundation of the Arts; National Education Association; Handgun Control, Inc.; the Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence; National Council of Churches; 100 Blacks Police Officers Against Violence; National League of Women Voters; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Mothers Against Violence in America; American Jewish Congress; National PTA; and on and on and on. The list now topped 100 and every name on it reeks of left-wing fanaticism.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. Hopefully, it won’t be totally desecrated by this march of a million nuts.

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