Wednesday, February 25, 2009

McCarthy, Gillibrand, and True Feminine Protection

Within hours after Carolyn McCarthy announced a likely primary run against fellow Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, it was reported that McCarthy had donated to Gillibrand's campaigns. She now claims to not have known Gillibrand's position on guns and the NRA.

Nevertheless, McCarthy should ask women in America about true feminine protection. She should ask, "Would you shoot a rapist before he slits your throat?"

Along with her advocacy of destroying citizens' Second Amendment rights, McCarthy (photo left) has also supported the so-called "Million Mom March" in Washington, D.C., which originally took place on Mother's Day 2000. If McCarthy and the zany women who have participated in past marches have their way, women won’t even have the chance to shoot that rapist. Mother’s Day has now been tainted by that bizarre concoction, a gathering of “concerned” mothers whose function is to call for yet more gun control laws as a way of stopping violence.

This peculiar phenomenon, ostensibly in response to high-profile shooting incidents, has fallen, thankfully, flat on its face. The entire gun control movement was a disaster for its proponents in the 2000 and 2004 elections, with even anti-gun luminaries like Senators Bob Torricelli and Chuck Schumer backing off. Even in 2008, Barack Obama was wisely coy on his anti-gun stance. But stark reality and a rational look at the facts have never been much of a motivator for the leftist organizers of the Million Nut March. They are, in fact, marching straight to their own murders and rapes if their totalitarian philosophy prevails.
Right now, the staunchest supporters of the anti-gun, anti-self-defense agenda of the Million Nut March are the assorted muggers, rapists and predators in American society. Organizers of the March are still oblivious to the sight of hardened street criminals cheering them on. The ignorance of the organizers is quite profound indeed.
Violence against women in America is frighteningly commonplace. A Department of Justice survey found that roughly 40 percent of prisoners had a “criminal justice status” (on probation, parole or under a restraining order) at the time of their most recent crime against their wives or girlfriends. Almost 1.5 million women are raped or physically assaulted by an intimate partner every year in the United States. The survey also found that 52 percent of women at some time had been the victim of an assault. These are astounding numbers.

So what is it that can provide true feminine protection? If the trends are any indication, it is the fact that 17 million women in America now own guns, and the number is climbing.

Contrary to liberal reportage, there are many feminine voices of common sense which are countering the bombast of the Million Nuts. Second Amendment Sisters, a pro-gun women’s organization, has organized rallies in several states as a means of advocating the right of self-defense, not the right to be defenseless. They state, “A restraining order waved at an enraged ‘ex’ has not been proven an effective means of self-defense; neither has a telephone receiver in one hand... If you are a woman who owns a gun, you have an equalizer. Since most assailants will be bigger and stronger than you, and almost 90 percent of those assailants will not have a weapon of their own, you stand a much better chance of getting away unscathed if you are armed. Isn’t that your right?”

Liz Michael wrote, “The so-called ‘Million Mom March’ represents a clear and present danger to every woman in this nation, especially every teenage girl in this nation. Every woman participating in this march is participating in an act that may very well lead to her own death, assault, or rape, as well as the death, assault or rape of any woman or young girl in her family. Every individual participating in this march or financing this march is effectively sponsoring a future criminal assault on me and people I love, and I hold them as responsible as the criminal himself.”

She continued, “The ‘Million Mugger-enabling Meddlers’... aren’t trying to make it safe for my kid to walk the street. They’re actually setting up situations where my family might be rendered defenseless against these same thugs.”

Therein lies the most important point about the Million Nuts. They are not merely stupid; they are enablers. And it is perfect common sense that rapists would be cheering on their actions. But as the trends show, the Million Nuts are losing ground, not gaining. Women are arming themselves at record rates. Not only are groups like Second Amendment Sisters forming, but there are now magazines catering to women and self-defense — self-defense with firearms, not restraining orders.

Diane Alden wrote, “Moms with guns are a lot better off than moms who wait for 911. What are you going to do when someone breaks into your home? A. Call Rosie O’Donnell and tell her to come over and nag the crooks to death. B. Wait 30 minutes for the police to show up while your ex-husband is breaking through the door screaming, ‘If I can’t have you, no one will.’ C. Tell the bad guys that they are breaking 28,000 gun laws, then show them chapter and verse. D. Write down the bad guy’s life story for a Barbara Walters special while commiserating with him on his miserable childhood.”

It is heartening that the American Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment, is taken so seriously by sober-minded women. If the Million Nuts want disarmament, make it unilateral and allow right-thinking women the opportunity to stay alive.
Whether Kirsten Gillibrand caves on this issue remains to be seen. But right now, she is the one advocating for female safety. Carolyn McCarthy is advocating surrender.

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